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The best way for you to see if you'll like CrossFit is for you to come in and try it out. During your free class, we'll be there alongside you to make you feel welcomed and comfortable, as well as work with you to make sure you understand what movements are being done, and how to perform them. Click the link below to select the class that works best for you.

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Our Community Welcomes Everyone!

A strong community helps everyone reach their fitness goals. So come and be a part of our community! Even on your 1st day you'll be welcomed and encouraged by our members.

Meet Some of Our Members

Julia Tompkins - I love the community and atmosphere of the gym.

Alessa - The trainers are so welcoming and the environment is super positive!

Sarah - Especially to newcomers- Don't be fearful, just get through the door and there will be no turning back. CrossFit is a life changer!

Tasha - DO IT! It will change your life, just like it has changed everyone who has join this community!

Emily Poulin - Join! It'll change your life for the better!

Erica - It will be tough at first. You will feel inadequate if you're comparing yourself to some of the fittest people in the gym or even Mississauga. You have to keep in mind that they have been doing Crossfit consistently for a while. You may or may not get to their level, but you have to work at your own pace and abilities, and remember what your goal is. The coaches are very encouraging!

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