May Committment Challenge

May commitment Super committed: Bob Carmichael  26 Natasha Butta  26 Danny Wong. 25 Nim Bala. 24 Committed: Sebastian Palinski  23 Jacob Lee  23 Janel Johnson  23 Jazz Awadh 23 Ian kroetsch  23 Sarah Au 22 Mary Bartlett  22 Sonya Kuziw…. Read more »

April Commitment Challenge!

Super Committed: Danny Wong  24 Natasha Butta  25 Jacob Lee  24 Committed: Sarah Au  21 Justyna Morawska  21 Jessica Perklin  21 Mary Bartlett  21 Parakram Thapa  20 Janice Bothello  20 Janel Johnson  20

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March Commitment Challenge!

Super Committed  Danny Wong 24 Janel Johnson 24 Committed  Bob White 21 Jessica Perklin 20  Mary Bartlett 20 Alessa Moura 19 Faheem murchie 19

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February Committment Challenge!

Super committed Bob Carmichael 24 Danny Wong 21 Donna Armstrong 21 Mary Bartlett 20 Ian Kroetsch 20 Committed Faheem Murchie 19 Justyna Morawska 18 Jazz Awadh 18 Bob White 17 Jennifer lee 17 Natasha Meikle 17 Parakram Thapa 17 Sarah… Read more »

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January Commitment Challenge

Here at L5, we believe the more you train, the closer you are to your fitness goals.  That’s why each month, we challenge our athletes to attend as many CrossFit classes as possible.  By the end of each month, we… Read more »

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December Commitment Challenge!

Hey L5 December was a very busy month but we still have a lot of committed athletes!  With the holidays, a lot of parties, and last minute shopping you guys were able to still get to a lot of classes… Read more »

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2017-04-08 Saturday

Skill:  Open Gym Metcon: Partners: Amran 15: 4-8-12-16-20-24….. Slam Balls Box Jump Overs HSPU KBS 20  Cal Row each round

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2017-04-07 Friday

Skill:  Ring Roll Outs x 30 Metcon: For Time: 6-9-12-9-6: Burpees Over Bar Power Snatches  95/135 T2B *20 mins time cap

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